Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Grow Your brand awareness, relationships, and traffic

Gain more followers on social media, which will help increase word-of-mouth through shares and referrals. Our social media marketing service will increase the number of followers within your target audience. 

Build Relationships

You build relationships on social media by increasing engagement. When you engage, you increase the probability that followers will convert into paying customers. In turn, the more people engage with your page, the stronger you’re connecting with them.

Increase Web Traffic

Social media has an influence on web traffic. In fact, web traffic is an SEO metric, making social media marketing an important part of your SEO strategy. Combine social media engagement via posts with social media ad campaigns and you have the perfect formula for increasing exposure, website traffic, and conversions. 

A Regular Posting Schedule

We will make daily posts that bring more people to your website so they can move through the lead generation and/or buying journey.

Create Engaging Content

It’s imperative to post content that starts a conversation. We do this by mixing posts that lead to your website with current events and even humor.

A Return on Investment

Whether running a social media campaign with our without ads, the goal is to produce a return on investment while estabishing trust 

Facebook Marketing

A fast way to reach your target audience quickly and effectively and within yur budget.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

More than 60% of users are using Instagram to discover new products. Pictures say a lot.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Reach up to 500 million professionals and decision-makers.Most users are business owners.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Used by all ages, more than 330 million use Twitter to build trust, relationships, and traffic. 

Pinterest Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Reach up to 4 million people on the platform primarily used by middle- to high-income users.

Reddit Marketing

Reddit is a good way to build relationships, as well as advertise to a younger demographic.

Custom Pricing

Our social media management pricing starts at $300 per month. The price varies based on the number of channels we are managing for you. This doesn’t include any advertising dollars used for pay-per-click advertising. If you wish to advertise, we recommend a minimum budget of $150. Our social media marketing setup fee is $150, which gets you set up in our analytics software, social media systems, and any necessary advertising accounts. If you decide to pay for ads in addition to regular (organic) social media marketing, there’s no additional setup fee because we’re already managing the applicable accounts. You only pay a separate setup fee if you aren’t already utilizing our organic social media marketing service or you wish to add a social media platform to your existing service.

Why Use Our Social Media Marketing Services?

  1. There are no surprises. We are 100% up front with you. We mutually agree on a strategy and you approve the deliverables. 
  2. There are no long-term contracts because we retain clients through quality. We only ask that you give us 30 days notice before terminating the service. 
  3. You only pay the true cost of our service. There are no high retainers. We want you to get the most for your money.


There are three key indicators that we look at: followers, engagement, and website traffic. These metrics will increase monthly. It is difficult to predict how much, but we can tell you that they will increase.

We will ask you questions to get us familiar with your business. This is in addition ot studying your existing web presence. 

Competition analysis is a major part of what we do. We look at the content your competition’s followers are reacting to the most. We also look at what you have posted and which types have gotten the most engagement. There’s also the experience factor because we have been doing this a very long time, but we still ask you what types of content you wish to share. 

Yes. If there is content that you want us to use, tell us where it is or send it to us and we will construct a post or posts using that content. 

Organically, we are able to use multiple techniques that don’t need an advertising budget. However, we can implement both organic and paid approaches to grow your following even faster.

Sometimes, results are seen immediately. However, 30 days is a good rule of thumb. The results should continue to increase every month after.

Yes, we monitor your page for messages, comments, and reviews and will respond accordingly. Communication with your audience is an important element to having a successful social media presence.

We don’t believe in long-term contracts because we want our work to retain our clients. We only ask that you give us 30 days notice before terminating your plan with us so we can properly close out the account. You can start back up at any time.

If you are ready, click the “Get a Quote” button below and fill out the form. We will email you a quote with a proposal based on the information you provide. Once you approve the proposal and the set-up costs are paid. Once your set-up cost and first month are paid. Once payment is made, your campaign starts within 3 business days.

Social media marketing strategies

Social Media Strategies That are specific to Your business

A significant part of our plan is creating a content calendar. The social media content we create is unique to your brand. You get growth optimization and a unique social media strategy that involves daily maintenance and consistent reporting.