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Taking nearly 20 years of experience and giving it to you starting in October 2018.

We are entering the teaching business by offering you, the business owner or manager, tools that will help you market your business online in the most cost-effective way possible. The Gillenwater Group, LLC doesn't force clients to adhere to long-term contracts, giving our clients financial freedom when using our services. As a result, we have been asked numerous times, "What can I do myself so I can just hire you for the things I can't do on my own?"

Online tips, tricks, and classes are our answers to this question.

In the past, we have taught clients how to manage their own content, SEO basics, and even some design elements of their websites to minimize cost as much as possible. From there, they have utilized us when they have no time to make updates (particularly when Google updates its algorithm, which we track) or when the work that needs to be done is especially complicated. In other words, we are very "On Demand" and we like it that way because we have formed long-term business relationships using this model.

You don't have to be a client of ours to opt into our classes. We will also be creating a larger social media presence where you can also learn some tips and tricks.