Landing Page Writing

We Write Landing Pages That Convert

Website visitors don’t always come through the front door anymore. Now, search engines are much more sophisticated than they used to be and that means that your website can have many doors. A landing page is one of them and an effective way to convert visitors into qualified leads. 

Conveying a Focused Message

Our landing page writers create landing pages that focus on a specific message. Websites can have a lot of information, but a landing page cuts through the clutter and drives a certain message home. 

Types of Landing Pages

The homepage is the most important page of the website because it is the first impression. It is at this point when a person decides to stay or leave. A well-written and structured homepage will help your visitors decide where to go next. 

Information pages make great landing pages because they give visitors something that they are looking for. How-to articles and buyer’s guides are good examples of information pages. 

A subscription page is written with the sole purpose of getting visitors to become a voluntary lead. These pages are usually shorter. The message is to the point and a form is available for a visitor to enter their email address so they can receive regular updates in their email inbox or receive more information about a product or service. 

A sales page directly sells a product or service. The page can vary in length from a short description page to a long sales letter. In other words, a sales page can be one page or 20 pages. 

How do Visitors Find Landing Pages?

A landing page gets traffic from anywhere other than your website. This type of page isn’t normally found in the website’s navigation. Many times, a landing page is associated with a pay-per-click advertising campaign. However, landing pages can be the destination page from an email link, a social media post, or any type of targeted promotion. The visitor simply follows a specific URL to the page. 

One Focus: Lead Generation

There is a single focus of a landing page and that’s lead generation. Most buyers don’t reach for their wallet the first time they come into contact with a brand, which is why it is important to use a landing page to gain them as a lead. Over time, the exposure to your brand will gain their trust so they will feel confident about becoming a customer.