Facebook Ad Service

As your Facebook advertising experts, we save you time and money.We learn about your target audience, find the right keywords, and maximize your ad spend. 

Facebook Advertising That Works

Achieve a high return on your investment.

We do everything for you

  • Advanced Targeting

We design and write ads that target a specific audience. The goal is to grow your following and convert them into customers. Your campaign can be scaled in a way that ensures business growth without breaking the bank. You don’t have to be a high-revenue business to benefit from paid ads on Facebook.

  • Business Growth

Because Facebook only allows 20% of your following to see your posts, advertising is an important part of showing your value to your target audience. We work with your budget and keep a specific set of goals in mind so we can achieve what we have set out to do, which is grow your business.

  • No Contracts

The only piece of paper we require from our clients is a service agreement that says you’ll give us 30 days notice before canceling. Other than that, it’s our service that retains our customers. We don’t believe in locking our customers into long-term contracts. 

  • Regualr Reporting

You will receive a report each month that shows multiple insights about your Facebook page’s performance as it pertains to each ad campaign. You will see page growth, as well as other metrics that show the effectiveness of each ad campaign ran throughout the month.